Why get a VUL policy?

Simple, to build tax-free wealth. Our VUL policies allow you to invest and grow your premiums in investment funds such as the S&P 500, REITs, global funds, and many others. You'll have access to that growth tax-free to use for whatever you wish, while still having coverage that protects your family.

8.2% average annual return
6.5% average annual return
  • Amplify's VUL policy averages 8.2% annual return with tax-free gains and reinvested dividends
  • S&P 500 brokerage account averages 6.5% annual return with taxable dividends and capital gains

Available Funds

Low Volatility
Average Volatility
High Volatility
EXAMPLE FUND: low volatility
Vanguard® Global Bond Index Portfolio
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Top Holdings
Fund Facts
Overall Morningstar Rating
Lifetime Return
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Gross Operating Expense

Tax-free wealth building for you plus coverage for your loved ones

We provide a best-of-both-worlds experience where your loved ones are covered in the future while you build wealth today for a future of your own.

What does that look like?

  • Invest up to 90% of your premiums in modern options such as:
    • S&P 500
    • Alternative assets
    • Sector funds
    • Global funds
    • REITS
  • Access to all of your returns tax-free
  • Liquidity to take out your cash whenever you'd like
  • Adjust your premiums and change fund allocation throughout your life right through our app
  • No income limit or contribution limit (unlike a traditional Roth IRA)
  • Have a coverage amount that protects you during health emergencies
  • Or financial security that will pass to your family at the end of life